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No-stop November!

Lockdown is officially over with the team spending a total 3 days in the office in the past month, and the rest traveling throughout Italy and Portugal… for business only, promise!

On the technical side, we have been progressing fast towards the upcoming pilot project starting in January: we completed the production of the main feed ingredient and we have built a 12-tank fish testing facility.

On the business side, we spent 2 weeks in Portugal in the Blue Bio Value accelerator, where we had the chance to visit some of the most valuable research centres, production facilities and investor of the blue economy arena. They are all part of the Blue Bio Alliance, which Ittinsect is now joining as it was selected among the top 10 startups in the programme.

Last but not least, Ittinsect received the GoBeyond award for a sustainable future. The cash prize of € 40,000 was assigned by Sisal and CVC Capital Partners. This prize will allow us to perform further testing at the end of the pilot, register a patent, and purchase a small batch of equipment for the biotech lab.

CEO Alessandro Romano commented: "many of us know that the Amazon forest produces oxygen for one out of 10 breaths we take. We are ignoring, although, that as many as 6 out of 10 breaths are due to the ocean. This means that out of 24,000 daily breaths, we should thank the ocean for its oxygen 14,000 times per day"


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