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Ittinsect uses insects and agricultural by-products to replace traditional aquaculture and ornamental fish feeds containing fishmeal and fish oils. Our sustainable approach includes a fully circular production process.

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EU BlueInvest Awards 2021


Ittinsect was a finalist of the "Sustainable Food and Feed from the Ocean" category at the BlueInvest Awards 2021

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Reducing overfishing by 1 Million tons per year



Higher digestibility allows Ittinsect to be used in more challenging water conditions, be that temeperature or chemical parameters


By replacing ocean sourced ingredients we help preserve the largest ecosystem of our planet. Ittinsect can support the ocean absorb 13 milion tons of CO2Eq yearly.


Ittinsect stops the chain of microplastics, mercury, fertilizers and other contaminants that normally accumulate in the organisms that are fed with traditional fishmeal.

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Who is Ittinsect?

15 million Tons of fish are caught for farming and aquaculture. The demand is growing but our seas cannot give more. We research, develop and produce an innovative fish feed with zero content of fish meal and fish oil. The product is based on a special recipe of enriched insect proteins with the same nutritional properties as fish meal, but with a higher nutritional efficiency.

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The members of the Ittinsect team are bound together by a passion for the sea.
We are sailors, divers, surfers, and (responsibly) fisherman.

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Alessandro Romano


Previous startup co-founder

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